Source Data - Documents

The number of documents in the solution.


Source Data - Layouts

The number of layouts in documents in the solution.


Source Data - Linked Documents

The number of unique documents linked from other documents.


The total number of links between documents.


Source Data - Scheduled Jobs

The number of scheduled jobs in the solution.


Source Data - Source Element Uses

The number of times a source element is used in documents.


Source Data - Source Elements

The number of source elements - dimensions, measures and shared user dimensions - in the solution.


User behavior - Document Sessions

The number of unique document sessions / view by users.


User behavior - Document Actions

The number of actions by users during document sessions.


User behavior - Document Users

The unique number of users that have used documents.


User behavior - Documents Used

The unique number of documents used by users.


User behavior - Last Use Date

The latest date a document was used.

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