Rigid or Flexible

Examining the properties of the attribute relationship we also have the option to choose between whether a relationship is flexible or rigid.

We right click a certain attribute relationship and choose Properties to look into this.


Defining this will influence the way that Analysis Services stores and retrieves data – if an attribute relationship can be defined as Rigid - it should be.

Looking at our Customer Hierarchy the relationship between Country and City could well be defined as Rigid.

A certain city will (with a few historical exceptions) remain in a certain country.


However, the relation between a City and a certain Customer should be defined as Flexible.

It is absolutely possible (and likely) that some Customers will move to a different City.

So the Relationshiptype Property should be set to Flexible.


In this case we also have a relationship between a Customer Name and No. This too should probably be defined as Flexible – just to cover all options.

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