Member Properties / Related Attributes

In some cases, the Attribute Relations may be quite useful to see for the End User. They can as an example be used to give “bonus” info on a certain Dimension.

We build a Customer Info dimension which is meant to hold a lot of information on a given customer – such as Phone Number, Address, E-mail etc.

Creating the dimension using the Dimension Wizard we set Name column to Customer Name


We pick a number of attributes and name the Dimension Customer Info:


We set the Property Attributehierarchyvisible to False for all the Non-key attributes.
In the list of Attribute Relations all these Attributes are still listed.


Once we have added the Dimension to the Cube and deployed/processed, the End User will see the following display in the Source Data tab of the TARGIT Client.


And a crosstab like the one below can be defined.


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