Database Configuration

The TARGIT InMemory Database Server (tiServer) is run as a Windows Service, installed by the installer.
By Default, TARGIT InMemory Database is suggested to be installed c:\Program Files\TARGIT in the folder TARGIT InMemoryDB for the binaries and c:\ProgramData\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemoryDB for the data and log files.
The TARGIT InMemory Database Server utilizes port tcp/5060. This port can manually be edited in the file targitdb.ini which also contains other system configurations.
If you change the targitdb.ini file, you will need to restart the service for the changes to take effect. TARGIT InMemory Database is comprised of a number of applications, namely:

  • tiServer TARGIT InMemory Database Server.
  • tiImport Import data from another source, in effect, to build a database.
  • tiQuery Run SQL queries/view data structure on the TARGIT InMemory Database Server.
  • tiLoad Load/Reload an TARGITDB file into memory, ready for data-access.


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