Picking up new TARGIT InMemory data

If a TARGIT InMemory Database (.targitdb) is repopulated with an import of the queries from the existing
database it will not automatically reflect the newly-imported data-set (the data has been imported to the
.targitdb file, but not loaded into memory).

To refresh this data there are two possible methods: requesting the database to reload the data utilizing thetiLoad command or simply restarting the tiServer Database Engine service. Below are examples of both

  1. Reload using tiLoad
tiLoad database=mydatabase;pwd=dbpass123 /reload
  1. The second method to restart the server will impact the availability of the server requiring all TARGIT users to log out and in again, secondly all databases will again have to be loaded from the disk causing heavier disk IO on the server, therefore the tiLoad command is the suggest method to perform this operation.

The server can however be restart using these commands:

net stop “tiServer” 
net start “tiServer”
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