Schedule Administration

[Version: 2023 - August]
[Build: 23.08.31502]

The scheduler windows left pane indicates what projects that are available to the scheduler and their execution status. You can enable and disable jobs by clicking a project and toggling the enabled setting in the upper left corner. Jobs can also be deleted by right-clicking the job.

On the right side is a list of log files. All failed executions are stored as their separate timestamped logfile and the current log will be available without a timestamp. By clicking the individual logfiles the content will be shown below.

You can add or edit a schedule for each individual job:

The tag 'Management' means that the schedule has been created and is maintained by the Schedule Management client - as opposed to 'ETL Studio' which means that the schedule was created as an ETL project property. It is recommended to keep the schedules as 'Management'.

You can, at any time, right click a job to manually execute it.

When a job is manually executed, you may go to the 'Executing Jobs' tab of the client to monitor its progress. Select the executing job from the list and click the 'Start monitoring' button to see real time execution results.


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