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TARGIT Anywhere is the browser based client for your daily data consumption. With TARGIT Anywhere you will have access to your organization's library of TARGIT analyses, reports and dashboards.

TARGIT Anywhere is a 'Viewer' client, i.e. you cannot create new content with this client. You can, however, open any existing document and apply your analytical skills upon it through filtering of data, drilling into details, exporting to Excel, sharing with colleagues etc.


Since the Anywhere client is running in a web browser, the first thing you need to know is the URL for the Anywhere web service. Typically, this would be 'http://localhost/anywhere/', where 'localhost' would need to be replaced with the name of the server that is running Anywhere in your organization. If in doubt, ask the person responsible for the TARGIT installation for the correct URL.

Normally, you will need your standard domain username and password to log on to the Anywhere client.


Pinned Folders

The predominant feature of the Start page is the Pinned folders.

Pinned folders offer you an easy-to-overview thumbnail presentation of your preferred analyses, reports and dashboards. Click any of these thumbnails to open the document.

Add other folders to your Pinned folders for easy access.


Document Search

The 'Search' option is especially useful when you need to look up a specific document among a large amount of documents spread across multiple folders and subfolders.


Criteria - filtering your data

Your analysis may have been designed with some pre-selected dimensions for applying criteria or filters to the data. These dimensions will be available for the 'Criteria bar' on top of your analysis.



Drill Down Criteria

Drill down criteria is a unique and extremely useful feature of the TARGIT client. You apply a Drill down criteria when you click a specific dimension member in one of your objects. Eg. if you click a specific salesperson in one of you crosstabs, then, that salesperson will work as a filter - as a drill down criteria - upon all the other crosstabs and graphs in your analysis, thereby reflecting data for that specific salesperson.


Object related functions

When hovering or right clicking an object in the Anywhere client you will see a number of object related options.

    • Information / Explanation - Useful for knowing which criteria currently applies to an object.
    • Show Data / Chart - will toggle between Chart or Crosstab presentation of data.
    • Multi select - enables selection of multiple dimension members for Drill down selections (especially useful on mobile platforms).
    • Drill out - removes any Drill down selections from the object.
    • Export to Excel - export the crosstab data to Excel. If performed on a Chart, the underlying crosstab will be exported.
    • Collapse level / Expand level - If the dimension in an object is a hierarchical dimension, you can use these options to quickly collapse to a previous level or expand all nodes to the next level.
    • Maximize / Restore - you can maximize a single object to "full screen", and likewise restore it back to its original position.
    • Action / Drillthrough - If your data has been set up with Actions or Drillthroughs, these options will be available. A Drillthrough is normally set up to provide further details - eg. individual invoices - behind a summarized number.


Dynamic criteria

Another unique feature of TARGIT is the ability to work with Dynamic criteria on your time dimensions. With Dynamic criteria you can apply criteria to your analyses, such as Year to date, Previous month, Yesterday etc. Eg., if you have an analysis with a Previous month dynamic criteria that you open in November, it will automatically show data for October; and when you later open the same analysis in December, it will automatically show data for November.

Please note that Dynamic Criteria must be enabled on the saved document before you can use it in the Anywhere client.



The Anywhere client is designed as a pure Consumer client - i.e. you cannot create or save documents from the Anywhere client. You can in fact only work with existing analyses from the Anywhere client.

Once you have opened an existing analysis, you can of course still apply personal criteria to that analysis. The Bookmark function offers an opportunity to save these personal criteria together with the analysis - so next time you open the Bookmark, it will automatically apply the criteria to the saved analysis.


Share your findings

When working with an analysis, you may discover findings that you would like to share with one of your colleagues. The Anywhere client can do this fairly simple by clicking the Share button.

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