Anywhere URL with criteria selection

You can customize a Anywhere URL to open a specified document, and furthermore - within the URL string - specify which global criteria should apply to the document when opened.

As an example, look at this URL:


Notice: For improved readability of above, line breaks have been inserted. Normally this URL will be one string without line breaks.


Breaking down the URL to its basic elements:

  • http://localhost/anywhere
    • This is the basic URL the Anywhere client. In this example, 'localhost' is the name of the server running the Anywhere web site. You may need to replace 'localhost' with the proper server name within your organisation.
  • /#vfs://Global/Training/Simple%20Revenue%20Analysis.xview
    • This is the part of the URL that opens the document named 'Simple Revenue Analysis', located in the Shared/Training folder.
    • Notice: Spaces, as in the file name 'Simple Revenue Analysis', must be presented with the URL code %20.
    • Notice: 'Global' is the physical name of the folder that end-users see as 'Shared' in the TARGIT client.
  • ?TARGIT%20Online%20Demodata.Sales.Customer%20Country=[Customer.Country].%26[Denmark]
    • This is the part of the URL that apply 'Denmark' as a global criteria.
    • Notice: This part always starts with a '?'
    • Name of the database connection: TARGIT%20Online%20Demodata = 'TARGIT Online Demodata'.
    • Name of the cube: Sales
    • Name of the dimension: Customer%20Country = 'Customer Country'
    • Notice: In the latter part of the URL (after the '=' sign), any space in dimension name is replaced by a dot.
    • Notice: The '%26' is in fact a '&', thus indicating that the key column is looked up. In the case of looking up a month - e.g., May - the syntax might need to be %26[5], because, very often Month dimensions operate with numbers as keys while displaying month names to the end-user.
  • &TARGIT%20Online%20Demodata.Sales.Customer%20Country=[Customer.Country].%26[France]
    • This part of the URL apply 'France' as an additional global criteria.
    • Notice: Any additional criteria - after the first criteria - must start with an "&".
    • Otherwise, works in the same way as the 'Denmark' criteria above.
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