Hide if empty - Hide objects if no data

[Version: 2023 - December]
[Build: 23.12.11509]

Note: In the 2021 release, where this option was part of the Visibility settings in the Properties Smartpad, this option has since been moved to the Criteria Smartpad.

You can now hide an object if it contains no data. In previous versions you would see the "No data to display with the current selection of criteria" message, which by many end-users erroneously has been perceived as an error.

The 'Empty result' option is available in the Criteria Smartpad:  

Note: Scheduled jobs may fail if an object returns what is perceived as an empty result, e.g. objects with visibility agents or other visibility settings where all members have been hidden. However, from the 2023 December version, you can apply the Hide object option to any object that potentially may behave like this, to prevent the scheduled job from failing. The scheduled job will then produce an output, but with no data.


A similar option is available also for objects that works with 'Required criteria'.

Tip: You can design your dashboard in such a way that, as an object becomes hidden, another object, behind the first object, becomes visible to the end-user.

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  • Hi Ole

    Is it possible to display a custom message for an object instead of the generic: "No data to display...."

  • Hi Frederik,

    Not directly. But since you can hide an empty object, you can design your dashboard with two objects on top of each other. A data object in the foreground and a text object in the background. When the data object is hidden (due to no data), the end-user will see the text object. And you can type in and format text as you like in the text object.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    It seems "Insufficient data..." does not trigger the "Hide when empty" feature.



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