Scheduled job notification email: Link to open related document in Anywhere client

From TARGIT 2021 Summer

With this feature you can push a scheduled job and then pull the users back into your TARGIT portal.

When you set up a scheduled job to distribute information in the shape of a PDF, snapshot, Excel, CSV or XML you have so far been able to automatically add a link to the mail that went out. That link could only be used if you had a windows client installed.

With the 2021 Summer release you can still choose this option - but we have also added the option to add a link that will open the related document in the Anywhere client

This will typically be the client that most of the users are using - so it will be a much more useful link for the majority of users.

The change in the dialogue is in the Delivery tab when setting up a scheduled job - it looks like this:




You need to register the location of your Anywhere in TARGIT Management for this to work.

Open TARGIT Management - pick the Setup tab and then the Backend tab



Now type in the exact URL to your TARGIT Anywhere:


Note: You can use the Test URL button to check if the URL is correct.

With this in place your are ready to use the link that points back to the related document in TARGIT Anywhere.


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  • Hello,

    is there possibility to attach TARGIT Anywhere link to the notification scheduled job?


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