Optimization of TARGIT Anywhere

In TARGIT Environments with many concurrent users, we recommend to take a special care of TARGIT Anywhere.

First of all, TARGIT Anywhere should run on a dedicated Windows Server.


Desktop Heap

On TARGIT Anywhere servers with many concurrent users, we recommend raising the Desktop Heap setting.

Locate and then click the following registry subkey:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems

Right-click the Windows entry and then click Modify.


In the SharedSection you should raise the last value from 768 to 20480:


Save the change and restart the Windows Server in order to apply the change.


More details on the Desktop Head settings:


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  • Hi Jesper, 

    Can you tell me something about how the process AnywhereCore works? The memory of this process continues to increase, while now almost no users are logged in. Now it is almost 7,000 Mb (see screenshot). The only thing that helps is to end the process via end task and then it starts again at 0, but it keeps increasing slowly. How can this be prevented and does this process automatically go to 0 after a while?

    We are using Targit 2021 build 19280 and today we had 25 users logged in but not at the same time.



    Best regards,


  • Any update on this topic?

  • Hi Frank,

    Memory is released during .NET garbage collection, so nothing much to do about it.

    If you want to deep dive .NET garbage collection, you can read further here:


    On a positive note, we are working on making TARGIT Anywhere stateless - and this will lower the memory consumption on your TARGIT Anywhere server. 

    I cannot give any estimates on the release of TARGIT Anywhere with support for stateless.

    I hope this gave you some useful input.

    Best regards,

    Jesper da Silva Endelt


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