Trigger to layout with detail data

This tip is about having a dashboard with objects showing information on a very high level like this one:


Behind each of these objects, you have a crosstab with lots of data that has been summarized into something that is easy to understand in the graph, in the KPI or in the map. E.g., the crosstab behind the column chart may look like this when everything is made visible:


To some users, it may be equally valuable to see this kind of detail data. However, just using the 'Show data' option will in many cases not be useful.


E.g., if the end-user were to see the above crosstab with this option, the column chart would contain a lot of confusing and irrelevant data:


Instead, I will add extra layouts to the document. Each layout will contain a copy of the desired detail crosstab, and triggers will link from the main dashboard to the individual layouts, and back.


From the main dashboard, I will then add a text box trigger (with an image) for each of my graphs. The trigger should be of the type 'Navigation' and trigger to a specific layout in the current document:


Likewise, on the detail layout, I will add a similar trigger that points back to the main dashboard:


One huge advantage of keeping everything as multiple layouts within the same document, is that once the document is loaded, the end-user will experience no lag and no load time when switching from one layout to another. If the same principle was used, but with triggers between multiple documents the end-user would have to wait for the document to load every time it was triggered.

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