Different content in portrait and landscape versions of layout

With layouts you can create special versions of your dashboards for tablets and phones - and even have a portrait and landscape version.

If someone accesses your dashboard with a tablet or phone - TARGIT will detect the device type and the orientation of your device, and show you the correct version of the dashboard.

If you then flip the device from portrait to landscape of vice versa, TARGIT will switch to the correct layout according to both device type and orientation.

This orientation check can be used in a creative way.

Let's assume this is your portrait version of a layout designed for tablets:



Now when you create the landscape version - you keep some of the stuff (the 2 leftmost KPI's) - but replace the rest with a table showing a more detailed level (Invoices in this case):



So now you can actually start in portrait mode and drill into a certain salesperson (Sanjeev Walton) and a certain product group (Jeans):




And just by flipping your device - you will see the invoices with those filters applied:



Access this page with your tablet device to try it out:





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