December 1st: Bookmarks from a consumer and a designer perspective


Bookmarks in TARGIT allows you to save the same document with different filters – these saved versions are called bookmarks.

Most TARGIT customers know that consumers can save bookmarks for their own personal use.

When the consumers use the webclient they have the option to filter an open document and the click the bookmark option in the top bar:



Once they’ve clicked that button, they can give the bookmark a name (leave Include Criteria checked and click ok to save it).



This will now be a personal bookmark, only available to the user who saved the bookmark.
It can be reached by the user, by accessing the start screen, clicking this icon in the top bar:



However, a lot of TARGIT customers use the version of the webclient that is embedded (without the top bar) which makes it impossible to create or access the bookmarks.

It is a nice feature though (which also exist in the mobile app for TARGIT) – but you can do much more with bookmarks, even though you use the embedded version of the web client.

You can create bookmarks as a designer and save them in shared folders, which gives you some interesting options:

  1. Save a bookmark as a designer allows you to save that bookmark in a shared folder, where you can:
    1. Open it as a consumer if you have access to the folder
    2. Setup triggers to the bookmark so they become a part of the TARGIT portal
    3. Make a scheduled job that uses the bookmark version of the document
    4. Make a slideshow that uses the bookmark version of the document

  2. Save all your tabs in a bookmark, which is quite handy when you’re working on a few dashboards and wants to continue working with them

See the video here to examine those options:

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