December 5th: Subtotals – hidden gems

Subtotals before and after columns/rows

Your normal TARGIT crosstable has subtotals places before the columns they sum up, and before the rows they sum up:



But that can be changed – both can be moved, using the right click menu and ticking those 2 settings:



Now it looks like this:



…and as you can see above, the grand total moved with the 2 types of subtotals.


Multidimensional subtotals

When you have multiple dimension attributes on the vertical axis it could look like this:


Now you have the subtotals for the 3 customer territories right there – but what about the subtotals for the salespeople you are looking at?


Try right clicking the cross table and pick multidimensional subtotal rows




Now you have an extra section in the top of your cross table showing the subtotals of the salespeople:



Notice: If you choose to visualize the cross table in a chart – the multidimensional subtotals are not included in the visualization – so you might consider them “bonus” info to anyone who chooses to see the table behind the visualization.

In this community article it is described how you can use those subtotals for calculations:
Calculations with mutidimensional subtotals

Here’s a video showing some of the point on subtotals described above:




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