December 13th: Visibility agents - filtering measures in TARGIT

Visiblity agents are actually filters for measures. You can decide to hide all the numbers that are not relevant in a certain context.

A couple of use cases could be:

  • Hide all absence registrations below 2 days for the last 3 months (then you can focus on the absence of a certain size)
  • Hide all customers that has given us below 10.000 in revenue the last year (leaves only the most important customers in the context for analysis)

One great thing about visibility agents is that, even though you have hidden some data, you can still calculate on the data that is hidden.

With the 2 usecases above, you could calculate answers to questions like:

  • How much is the absence of just 1 day in a 3 month period compared to all absence?
  • How much does all our customers below 10.000 in a 3 month period give us compared to all our sales?

In this tutorial video we will cover subjects like:

  • Hiding and calculations on what's left and what's hidden
  • Doing real segmentation with visibility agents
  • Defining what to see instead of what to hide
  • Validating your visibility agents with color agents

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