December 22nd: Templates for Text boxes, Menus and Documents

If you spend a little extra time on being smart from the beginning, it can save you buckets of time later on.

I am talking about stretching the 'Templates' concept to its limits when creating new documents .

Basically, when you create a new document, you should do it from a Document template. However, the document template is a "use and forget" template. It does not offer an option that you can do changes in the template and these changes will reflect in the documents created from the template.

The trick is to use Text box templates and Menu templates in the Text boxes and Menus that are used in the Document template.

If you do this - and essentially all your documents are created from such templates - then changing a company logo, a font style or a color across all documents is only a matter of editing a single template.

In this tip you will see how to bring all these elements together to a "template symphony":

  • Text box templates
  • Saved Menus
  • Document templates

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