Assign multiple documents to one scheduled job

From TARGIT 2022 Spring

When setting up a scheduled job, you can enable Multiselect - meaning that you can add multiple documents (dashboards and/or reports) to a single scheduled job.


Output will be one PDF file per source document.

If Delivery type is set to Email or Subscription, all resulting PDF files will be attached to a single email.


Output Filename

In the list of selected documents, you can use the Edit button (the pencil button) to:

  • Rename the output file
  • Use parameters - like date and time stamps - to be added to the file name



Limitations for this type of scheduled job:

  • PDF is the only available output
  • Batch processing is not available
  • The Publish delivery type is not available
  • Email links to context documents are not available

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  • I have a report with 3 crosstabs and would like to schedule this report on a daily basis as an excel file to be send out via email.

    Is it somehow possible? one excel file with 3 sheets.


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