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As a Designer user, when you create a Scheduled job from a document, you can select delivery type:

  • Publish
  • Folder
  • Email
  • Subscription


With the Subscription delivery type you can add a job to a general Subscription list. From this list, end-users will be able to subscribe to individual jobs and receive the scheduled output directly in their inbox.

When an end-user subscribes to a job, his or her email address is automatically added to the job. So, the main differences between an Email delivery type and the Subscription delivery type are these:

  • With the Email delivery type, the Designer user decides and administrates who should receive the output.
  • With the Subscription delivery type, the individual end-user decides and administrates if he or she should receive the output.


Designer user

As a Designer user, in order to assign scheduled jobs for Subscription, you must be member of a Rights group that allows Scheduled Subscription:


Without this Right, you won't be able to select the Subscription delivery type.

To create a Scheduled Subscription, select the Subscription option on the Delivery tab. You should also fill in at least the Title in the Subscription details and the Subject in the Email details. Only fill in the From field if you want the email to appear coming from a specific email address.




As an end-user you will be able to subscribe to the Scheduled Subscription jobs. However, you need to be member of a Rights group that allows for Subscription:


Without this Right, you won't be able to access the Subscription list.

The list of jobs that you can subscribe to are available form the Start menu:


Click the Subscription button to subscribe or unsubscribe from any of the jobs. When you subscribe to a job, your email address will automatically be added to the job.

The Subscription list is available to end-users with the Anywhere client as well - unless their Anywhere client is running in embedded mode, since that will hide the top toolbar.

Note: Disabling a Subscription job from the Scheduled jobs list, will make the it unavailable to subscribers.



As described above, you can use Rights groups to control who can set up Scheduled Subscription jobs and who can subscribe to these jobs.

Still, this feature should probably be used with caution:

  • Data in in the scheduled output is only restricted to the data that the Designer user is allowed to see. When an end-user subscribe to the output, the end-user will see the same output as the Designer user. Role-based restrictions on the end-user are not enforced on the subscription output.
  • All end-users with subscription rights will see all jobs and will be able to subscribe to all jobs. There is currently no option to differentiate who should be able to subscribe to what.

When an end-user subscribes to a job, his or her email address is automatically added to the job. This requires that an email is associated with the user login. With Windows Security or OpenID Security, the email address must be (and normally is) part of the AD user properties.

With Standard Security, the email address must be set as part of the User Properties:




If you, as the owner of a subscription, at some point need to change something in the job - e.g., change the source document - then you will want to make a test run to verify that everything is working, but without sending the test output to all subscribers.

A subscription job can easily be changed from the Subscription delivery type to the Email delivery type. With the Email delivery type, you can add yourself as the only recipient of your test run. You can also change to the Folder delivery type. Once you have verified that everything is ok, you can switch back to the Subscription delivery type, where all settings and all subscribers have been retained.



Additional info

  • The 'Enterprise distribution' add-on license is required for Scheduled Subscription jobs
  • In general, to minimize workload on the associated mail server, a Scheduled Subscription job will only generate a single email with multiple subscribers' email adresses inserted as BCC.
  • If a job has more than 25 subscribers, multiple emails will be sent in batches of 25 subscribers per email.
  • Currently, there is no interface to show who subscribed to a job. The information is however stored in the C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\Settings\Jobs\Jobs.xml file.

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