Cloud Control Panel

To access the TARGIT Cloud Control Panel, open the URL in a browser.

If you haven't been logged in before, you may need to create a new sign in:


The sign up procedure will require you to verify your email address as well as supplying a password:



Create a Tenant

Once your sign in has been created and you have logged in, you can create your Tenant:


To create a Tenant:

  • Give it a DNS name (which eventually will result in a URL like: https://[DNS name]
  • Insert your license key (obtained via contact to a TARGIT Account Manager).
  • Select the Region where your Tenant should be hosted, e.g., Netherlands for EU countries that need to comply with EU GDPR rules.


Wait a minute or two for the Tenant to become Active:


The URL is the URL for this Tenants first (Main) Stage. Use the https URL directly to open the Anywhere client in a browser or copy the latter part, [DNS name], and use that as the server name you need when logging on from a locally installed TARGIT Windows client.

Note: Before you can log on, you must set up at least one user via the TARGIT Management client - either created as a Standard user or by activating the OpenID Security model. To access the TARGIT Management client, use the [DNS name] as server name when logging on from a locally installed TARGIT Management client:


At this point, you should be able to log on to your Cloud based TARGIT Server with the Anywhere client or with the Windows based client.


Download Links

If necessary, you can go to the Download Links at the bottom of the Control Panel. The Download Links page has an option for downloading the Windows client (works as the client for Designer users, but also as the client for TARGIT Management administrators).


Likewise, from this page you can download the Gateway Connections client.

Further on why you might need the Gateway, and how to use it: Data Gateway overview


Cloud Administrators

The Cloud Administrators area is where active backend administrators are shown and additional administrators can be invited to join the solution.


Gateway Connections

The Gateway Connections shows a connection string, unique per Tenant, for use when connecting to data sources, typically on-premise, from the TARGIT Cloud environment. Any connected data sources set up will be shown to track which data sources are live and available.



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