Check for Obsolete documents

From TARGIT 2022 Spring Update 3.


  • 2022 Winter Update 2 (build 23.02.15012) is the last version with the ability to open documents saved in a TARGIT version prior to the 2019 version.
  • 2023 August (build 23.08.31502) - from this version, you will no longer be able to open documents saved in a TARGIT version prior to the 2019 version.

Older documents - documents created in TARGIT Decision Suite prior to the 2019 version - are about to be deprecated. Within the next few releases of TARGIT Decision Suite, you will no longer be able to open such older documents.

Action to be taken: If you want to keep using these documents in future version of TARGIT Decision Suite, you will need to open and save each of these older documents individually.

With this release of the TARGIT Decision Suite you will get a tool to help you identify documents older than the 2019 release. 

The Start page has a section for Obsolete documents:


From here, you should:

  • Click the document to open it.
  • Verify that you actually still need the document and that everything works as expected.
  • Save the document.

In case you should have missed updating an older document, when opening it, you will see a warning, suggesting that you verify that it works as expected and then save it:


See this video guide on how to handle Obsolete Documents:

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  • From which version are the obsolete files no longer supported?

  • I tested the lastest version Winter 2022 and obsolete documents are still included. So we have a chance to save them manually in Winter 2022!

  • Hi Marlene,

    You are correct.

    The ability to check for obsolete documents was introduced in TARGIT 2022 Spring Update 3, with a note that support of old documents would "soon" be deprecated. It seems like that "soon" hasn't been reached yet. :-)

    I don't know when we will not be supporting old documents any longer, but I am sure it will be documented in the deprecations list when it happens.

    BR / Ole


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