Changelog for 2022 Spring Update 3

New features

Windows client Display Designer warning when documents older than 2019 are opened  
Windows client Filter option to display outdated documents  



Data Discovery Improve performance for big installations Opening Data Service for big installations has been reduced very much in time.
InMemory Data Provider: Dynamics BC DPDYNAMICSBC: Implement provider for v2.0 API A v.1.0 provider is deprecated for cloud installations. New provider v.2.0 is implemented to retract data from Dynamics BC using new service-to-service authentication mechanism using Azure Active Directory Applications.



Anywhere Open previous document doesn't work in Anywhere  
Anywhere Rights impacted by another user logging onto Anywhere  
Anywhere Anywhere application hang with crosstab  
Data Discovery Data Discovery - weather bug Selection lists in Data Discovery are now working in for both old and new datasources.
Data Discovery Invalid schedule "Every 24 hours" was not triggering updates An invalid schedule was changed to "Every day"
Data Discovery Missing data sources in cube designer Some of the data source may not be visible in cube designer after reload of Data Discovery. A message has been added to notify user that information about some data sources has not yet been fully loaded.
Data Discovery Back-end "The path is empty" error message when reloading data source format The issue occurred to data source formats after restart of Data Discovery
Data Discovery Plugin: CSV Unable to update CSV data sources "No data is available for encoding" error message was seen during reload of CSV data sources v.1.0
Data Discovery Plugin: Excel System.IO.Packaging.dll is missing for excel data source Data source update fails with error "The system can not find the file System.IO.Packaging.dll"
Data Discovery Plugin: Excel The system can not find the file DocumentFormat.OpenXml Data source update fails with error "The system can not find the file DocumentFormat.OpenXml"
ETL Studio Fixed issues with scheduler window in ETL Studio and Scheduler Management  
ETL Scheduler Service Scheduler service modifies script and adds extra newline characters to multiline string values The problem occurs when a script contains string variables with multiline values. If this string is later on being parsed you may notice there will be an extra \r newline character, in addition to \n. This build fixes this issue and preserves the newline characters as they were.
Windows client Bar chart axis line not shown correct Corrected, so now tic-marks are shown correct in bar charts..
Windows client Triggering gives error message It is no longer possible to provoke an error when triggering random between objects.
Server Big Roles.xml file causes very slow performance in login and load of documents  
Windows client SMTP connection for Schedule jobs are closed after each batch is send  
Server Logging on using Windows Security without username/password fails The code now handles log on via username/password chooses to ignore any errors when querying the email address. The user can log on and use other functionality
Management client Misunderstandable translation Translations into German corrected according to input from customer.
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