Changelog for the 2022 Spring release

New features:

Anywhere Option to autoremove objects and criteria with missing metadata The same dashboards can now be opened by everyone and will just render the data, the user has access to.
Data Discovery Improved encryption of sensitive data  
Data Discovery Backend engine improvements for Data Discovery An upgrade to a newer .NET Framework allows further improvements and performance boost of Data Discovery
Data Discovery Plugin: CSV Added support for "Skip lines" parameter  
Data Discovery Plugin: Oracle Removed dependency on locally installed ODAC component  
InMemory Data Drivers Backend engine improvements for Data Drivers An upgrade to a newer .NET Framework allows further improvements and performance boost of Data Drivers
InMemory Data Provider: Dynamics BC A new online data provider for Dynamics BC is added  
inmemorydb Added tiImportCore32  for 32 bit support Dot Net core support  
inmemorydb Added basic support for Grouping Sets Note, it does contain any performance optimisations, to use the result of one grouping set to calculate another.
This will be added in a later release.
inmemorydb Added the following methods to IPClient: public bool killConnectionByTag(string tag, out String errors),
public bool killConnection(long connectionID, out String errors),
public InMemoryTable executeWithTag(String dbName, String sql, String tag,out String errors),
public InMemoryTable listConnections( out String errors),
executeWithTag / killConnectionByTag, are designed to make it easy for the user client, to assign a unique query tag, e.g. a guid, and terminate it easily.
It is used internally by irdb_query to stop its own remote queries.
inmemorydb All execute API calls in InMemoryDatabase, now take a CancellationToken, that can be used to stop execution.  
inmemorydb Starting a long running query, will no longer completely lock up the main tiQuery thread.  
inmemorydb tiQuery can stop a long running query, that it started. There is a Stop button, next to the Execute button  
inmemorydb tiQuery can stop a connection given its ID/  
inmemorydb tiQuery and tiServer now supports a command called listConns that shows you a list of currently executing queries on the server  
inmemorydb Added a new setting to Targitdb.ini called Readonly. By default it is set to false. If you add READONLY=TRUE to targitdb.ini it will cause any command that can change to data, to be disabled.
InMemory ETL Studio "Skip lines" parameter is added to CSV data source  
InMemory Scheduler Service Added XSS security header to service responses  
Server Support mapping different connections and level names for global dimensions Global dimensions has be extended to support mapping of different connections and also level names that do not have matching names
Server DAX: Do not query grand-/sub-totals when they are not needed If the Windows client does not need grand-/sub-totals, we will not ask the SSAS Tabular server to calculate them, potentially saving some time
Windows client Assign multiple reports to one scheduled job It is now possible to assign multiple reports and dashboards to one scheduled job.

Some restrictions apply when multiple documents are assigned:

* Batch processing and Publish delivery are not supported

* Only PDF format is supported

* Embedded links in emails are not supported
Windows client BigQuery connector support for partitioned tables Now support for BigQuery partitioned tables: Support for TIMESTAMP columns. Fixed problem with fact table being used in criteria requests even if non empty criteria was disabled
Windows client Force login to use OpenID only This option is useful in organizations where you want your users to use OpenID and two-factor authentication when logging in to TARGIT. You will then be able to disable the Windows Security login options.
Windows client New Visual Object - Pyramid chart   
Windows client Salesforce embedding app TARGIT is available from the Salesforce Appexchange and it will install a Lightning component that makes it very easy to add an embedded TARGIT client within Salesforce.
Windows client Object borders, corners, padding You can now add further styling to any object type. The styling options are these:

- Borders

- Padding

- Background color

- Corner radius
Windows client Parameterized Roles now support Windows Security  Parameterized roles are roles that are created on the fly when a user logs in. It can contain properties that are dependant on the user - for example by setting a forced criteria.
Windows client Use TARGIT folders as Export folders When setting up a Scheduled Job with the 'Folder' delivery type, you can select a folder in the TARGIT folder structure (the VFS) for export.
Windows client Subscribe to Scheduled job With the Subscription delivery type you can add a job to a general Subscription list. From this list, end-users will be able to subscribe to individual jobs and receive the scheduled output directly in their inbox.



Data Discovery Changed weekday name format i.e. Su, Mo, We, Th, Fr, Sa becomes Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Data Dicovery Installer Added new "Remote" installation option It is possible to install Data Discovery and TARGIT Server on separate servers, without need to have access to file structure of TARGIT Server.
InMemory Data Provider: online data provider is currently unavailable due to API unavailability See details here:
InMemory ETL Studio Added support for specifying timeout setting for script execution in seconds  
Windows client "Week starts on Sunday" option removed from User Preferences The option to start weeks on Sundays in calendar displays is removed from User Preferences and only  Monday-Sunday order is possible in calendar displays.
Management End of support for local cube file connections It is no longer possible connect to local Analysis Services cube files due to upgrade to the latest .NET 6 framework.
Windows client GIS connection should be removed on upgrade to 2022

All connections and references removed.



Anywhere Anywhere Client Report Does Not Refresh on No Selection Now Anywhere refreshes automatic every time selection is changed.
Anywhere Chart button is blank in right-click menu  
Data Discovery Data sources created via Directory plugin or uploaded via "Add file" button are created with an older versions of plugins  
Data Discovery Cannot filter on NULL values  
Data Discovery Plugin: Google Analytics Google analytics plugin fails to load Google.Apis.Analytics.dll  
Data Discovery Plugin: TARGIT Analysis Language settings are ignored in TARGIT Analysis plugin  
Data Discovery Plugin: XML Added new XML plugin  
InMemory Driver: Excel Unable to load data from XLS files  
InMemory Driver: SAP SAP Driver returning zeroes for valid values - GLT0  
inmemorydb With generating code for addition, where it was taking exponentially longer to parse based on the number of terms of addition E.g. select 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20
+21+22+23+24+25+26+27+28+29+30+31+32+33+34+35+36+37+38+39+40 would take a very long time to parse
inmemorydb When saving databases, it could write out an incorrect table number, when concurrent queries are adding / dropping tables  
inmemorydb Where saving a database it could generate an exception, where a concurrent query dropped a table, that was being saved In General saving databases should work, with concurrent queries add or removing tables. Internally the save procedure, now create a shallow clone of the current tables, and then saves that.
inmemorydb When reading a table, or opening a database, will check all Double and Float columns, to see if they two zero values, and if they do, repair the column, so it only contains one zero  
inmemorydb tiServer now listens on both IPv4 & Ipv6 localhost Previously wasn't being to ipv6 localhost, and was causing a 2s delay in Dot net Core 6 connections
inmemorydb Subqueries when you had an in query within a aggregation query that had expressions. It was generating an error where it couldn't find a temp table with or_list in the name.
e.g. select avg(freight) from orders where orderid in (select orderid from orders where employeeid in (1,2,3,4) )
inmemorydb If you had two string constants, with different cases in the same sql statement. Causing the following exception. Exception occurred executing query. System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.
inmemorydb tiImport when exporting data. It was only allowing 30s for the Drop Table/ Truncate Table/ Create Table part of the process.
This has now been extended to use the full ExportTimeout value. ( By default 120s)
InMemory ETL Studio While component query window opens up whenever anything within the while task is edited  
InMemory ETL Studio Dynamics CRM data source showed value of password field as clean text   
InMemory ETL Studio CSV data source does not allow manual changes in connection string  
InMemory ETL Studio XML data source does not allow manual changes in connection string  
InMemory Installer InMemory Scheduler Management is installed on C drive even though D drive is selected during installation  
InMemory Scheduler Service Scripts may not run on schedule  
InMemory Scheduler Service "CancellationTokenSource has been disposed" exception is thrown during script execution.  
Server Creating invalid dynamic time definitions causes memory overwrites inside the ANTserver, causing hangs and potentially crashes This bug could overwrite memory and potentially crashes/hangs the server.
Windows client KPI with null value causes document not to save  
Server Not possible to update sources in DD when user only use OpenID Whenever a user logs on with OpenID Connect, their refresh token is stored to be used by scheduled jobs for that user. Now this refresh token also is used when Data Discovery needs to refresh a data source from TARGIT

NB: The refresh token issued by the OpenID identity provider will probably expire at some time - how long will depend on the identity provider. So if an OpenID user sets up a scheduled job/DD data source and expects that to run month after month without logging on to TARGIT regularly, they will be disappointed
Windows client Color agent on hidden columns Color agent remains for objects which is not affected by visibility agent.
Windows client Bug in text scaling in menu object (Vertical) Text now keep the correct scaling
Windows client Dashed line chart shows as solid in legend Legend are also shown as dashed
Server Cannot filter on nested NULL values in datetime hierarchy Fixed the selection of any nested values below NULL
Windows client Local criteria ignored when returning to previous page Respect local criterie when switching between pages.
Windows client Cube info (dynamic content) does not update when dashboard is refreshed Cubed processed time is updated when dashboard is refreshed
Windows client KPI - object now display insufficient data instead of a blank object A KPI object would just display the KPI object as blank.
Windows client Bottom 10 cannot handle blank values Bottom list can handle blank values
Server Creating and renaming folders fails When creating or renaming folders, the folder do not get the name, that you enter, but keeps the default name from the operating system. Fixed.
Windows client Dimension labels overlap when adjusting width When reducing and expanding in same movement, line shift and spacing is corrupted. 
Windows client DAX: Crosstabs with many dimensions do not load Subtotal rows calculation skipped of auto agents when not enabled
Server Shows error code when all users in use, instead of explaining message Now it says "All licenses used".
Windows client No data shown when only using user dimension in data discovery Targit provides an error message if no measure is selected in tabel object.
Windows client If display folder and dimension are named the same Shared user dimensions is not saved correct Shared User Dimension will be added in correct display folder
Windows client Columns cannot be dragged and dropped if dimension removed In some cases when dragging columns in a crosstable, it switches back instead of staying in the new position. This sometime happens when a dimension is moved or removed in a crosstable. This Problem cannot be reproduced any longer.
Windows client Multiple local dynamic period criteria on same dimension fails Now Targit shows the right data instead of an error message.
Windows client Trigger on crosstab doesn't work if more than 100 rows Working as intended. Number of rows is not an issue.
Server Blanks are in some contexts perceived as different values in Data Discovery The bug was caused by a compare function that insisted on two empty strings being different.

Also fixed a problems with empty strings being displayed as (Null) in cross tabs.
Windows client Wrong Dutch translation Text changed to "Middel".
Windows client Charts show data from earlier criteria choice instead of “no data available” Now it works correct.
Management Slideshows not available as start document and trigger Now it is possible to select slideshow as start document or trigger.
Windows client Problem with "< >" disappearing from Bar charts Problem with "< >" disappearing from charts objects fixed
Bootstrapper Orphaned service processes left when uninstalling Data Service or InMemory scheduler service  
Windows client Search in documents with eg. & will crash TARGIT Targit no longer crashes.
Windows client Menu files with relative links show up blank The user needs to update the menu file to make it work again. 
Windows client Key values are not cleared after removing a dimension  
Windows client Dynamic captions not working in iteration table  
Windows client Grey edge when printing reports in A3  
Management 'Connected' counts apps instead of users  
Reporting Duplicate report layout does not include iteration & repeater page It now includes iteration & repeater page.
Server Scheduled jobs context displayed as N/A in TARGIT Log Most paths are now filled into the log.
Windows client Remove automatic translation for Totals in user dimension It is no longer possible to choose Delete all on translate page.
Windows client Cannot use same attribute as column and dynamic label on user dimension Has been corrected now
Windows client For 'hide if empty' option include 'Insufficient data...' Hide if empty results is now correct
Windows client Too much whitespace over labels on column charts Whitespace over labels removed for charts
Windows client KPI objects with empty user dimension member makes TARGIT client unavailable  
Windows client Crosstab(s) switch back to default theme  
Windows client Crosstab(s) title is removed when measure is not visible Title no longer disappear when hiding measure.
Windows client Option to enable/disable "Dim other series when hovering" Dimming option removed.
Windows client Criteria not shown on Trigger Criteria / Update global criteria  Criteria is now shown immediately.
Windows client Numbers shown instead of members in crosstab header  
Windows client Report lost all visibility settings and formatting  
Windows client Sorting dates in with format YYYY-mm-dd in DAX table is incorrect.  
Windows client Stored Criteria - Text cut off  
Windows client When adding crosstab style line/background - default font setting is overwritten  
Windows client Wrap text on Mouse Over has no impact  
Windows client Scheduled Job failing if batching with User Dimension criteria Schedule job output only shows the correct data in a batching job for a document with User dimensions criteria
Server When a system with many connection check the license,  a deadlock can happen. Optimize the processes that causes the deadlock
Server x order and dimension names will change if no value in first cell (DAX) The order for dimension members is correct also for no value present
Windows client Horizontal bar chart - labels not centered in the bar  
Windows client Short cut (F11) shown on Object List in Smart Pad  
Windows client Export to PowerPoint/Image and Share should be greyed out for Reports  
Windows client Bullet chart in Anywhere cannot handle wrap text  
Windows client Maps are mis-located on opening of document A bug fix to bitmap based maps (jpg, png, etc.) means that positions (dots) in maps made in previous versions of TARGIT will need to be revisited to ensure that dot locations are still correct. This does not affect maps based on SVG files.
Windows client Description timeout When using "Descriptions" in OLAP solutions, for both measures and dimensions, these disappeared after only three seconds when hovering them in source data.



Anywhere End of support for Internet Explorer Since Microsoft is removing support for Internet Explorer and recommends a move to Edge and due to the fact that support for Internet Explorer slows down the development process we have decided to end support. Users opening Anywhere in Internet Explorer will see a message informing of the end of support.
Data Discovery Plugin: Salesforce Salesforce plugin is deprecated  


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