Filter Delegates

[Version: 2023 - November 2]
[Build: 23.11.21518]

Sometimes, when you apply criteria to your data and you get a result set on a specific dimension, you would like to use that result set to work as a criteria to pass on as a new filter.

A classic example is the Basket Analysis: You filter your data by a specific Product to get a list of Customers buying this Product. The list of Customers is then used as a filter to present which other Products are bought by this Customer group.

The Filter Delegates feature can do exactly this: Use a filter from any object in a dashboard to delegate it to another dimension. The result set from the other dimension is then automatically applied as a filter to the other objects in the dashboard.

You apply the Filter Delegate option to a data object, e.g., a crosstab or a chart. This is done from the Criteria Smartpad:

In the Filter Delegate dialog, you select the dimension that should work as Filter Delegate dimension:

Now, when you do a Drill on one or more of the object's dimension members, this will be passed on as a result set from the delegated dimension. The result set from the delegated dimension will become the filter that applies to the other objects in the dashboard.

Note: In the screenshot above and in this tutorial video, the second crosstab is included only for illustrative purposes. It could be left out, and the delegated filter would still work the same way for the  other objects.

Video tutorial:

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