Dimensions with multiple hierarchies

[Version: 2024 - June]
[Build: 24.06.19002] 

From this version, the Data Model Editor supports multiple hierarchies within one dimension.

In this example, you will see how to design a dimension with two hierarchies. The basis is a typical period dimension table:

  1. In the Dimensions folder, add the top most level of the first hierarchy.
  2. Use the Name property to rename the dimension, the hierarchy and the attribute:
  3. Add the next levels to the hierarchy:
  4. Additional hierarchies are added to the same dimension in a similar manner by dragging table fields to the Dimension level ('Time' in this screenshot):
  5. You can also add single attributes (single-level hierarchies) to the dimension:
  6. The individual hierarchies can be assigned to a Display folder:

    You may also assign new dimensions to display folders by dragging directly from the field in the table to Display folders.

In the TARGIT Designer client, dimensions with multiple hierarchies, attributes and display folders may look like this:

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