Display Folders

[Version: 2024 - June]
[Build: 24.06.19002] 

A dimensions can be assigned to a Display folder. Display folders make it easier to organize your dimensions and easier for your Designer users in the TARGIT Designer client to get an overview of the available source data.

Compared to versions before this one, we made changes to dimensions and display folders in the Data Model Editor:

  • One dimension may now have multiple attributes and hierarchies. (As in SSAS projects)
  • The 'Shared dimensions' folder is renamed to 'Dimensions'.
  • You can drag a dimension from a table directly to the desired Display folder.
  • Display folders can be assigned to measures as well as dimension attributes and dimension hierarchies.

First time you create a Display folder, you will need to type in the Display folder name. After that, you will be able to select it form the Display folder dropdown list.


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