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How to create a simple, custom dashboard template.

Assume that we created a text box to work as a title for our dashboard.

In fact, we would like all future dashboards to use the same font, color and style in the title – in other words, we would like to create a template.

You could then strip the current dashboard from all the objects that you do not want to include in a template (usually all the data objects), and then save it as a template.

  • Click the Save as
  • Check the Save as template option in the dialog.
  • Recommended: Create a special folder for templates (click the Create new folder button in upper right corner.
  • Save the template with a proper name.


To make sure that the templates in the newly created Templates folder are available when creating a new dashboard, you may need to look up the folder in your Start / Open menu. Right click the folder to designate it as a ‘Template folder’.


Once you have done this, the folder, and its stored templates, will become available when creating new dashboards.



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