TARGIT Compatibility - Browsers

This article shows an overview of TARGIT browser compatibility (when using the TARGIT Anywhere client).

Multiple browsers are supported for accessing TARGIT Anywhere. The latest versions of the following browsers have been tested and are supported. Older versions may also work but have not been tested.

For browsers on mobile devices - Chrome browsers on Android and Safari browsers on iOS - these have not been tested, but are assumed to be working.

Other browsers than those listed have not been tested, but are assumed to be working.

Browser 2019 Update 3 2021 Update 3 2022 Winter Update 2 2024 May (24.05.03003)
Safari (x) (x) (x) (x)
Internet Explorer 11 x x    
Microsoft Edge x x x x
Chrome x x x x
Firefox x x x x




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  • We are having some issues logging in to Targit (our build number 17131) on Safari 15.3. Do you have a way around this? We switched to chrome browser but we want to use Safari. Thank you Niels Thomsen

  • Niels Thomsen we just experienced this issue again *as seen in March 23, 2022, can you advise? Or can you point to someone who can advise? Thanks, 


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