You can export full documents or individual objects.

To export the full document, use one of the options from the File menu:

  • Image – creates an image file (png, jpeg or bmp) of the dashboard that can be saved to disk.
  • Email – creates a new email from your email client and attaches an image file (and a screenshot) of the dashboard to the email.
  • Excel – creates an Excel file that can be saved to disk. Each object in the active layout is converted to table data and exported to separate sheets in the Excel file.
  • PowerPoint – creates a PowerPoint file that can be saved to disk.
  • PDF – click the Print

Notice:  Click the small black triangle if you want to change the default settings for each of these exports.

You can also export data from a single object by right clicking the object and selecting Data / Export.


Both Excel options will immediately open Excel with the exported data. If the selected object is a graph, the crosstab basis for the graph will be exported.

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