Text box objects

A Text box object is one of the rare objects that does not hold any data.

Typical use cases for Text box objects are:

  • Titles for Analyses, Dashboards and Reports.
  • Displaying a company logo or any other kind of image.
  • “Explanation boxes” with tips and guidelines on how to best use the analysis.
  • “Information boxes” with e.g.:
    • Current criteria
    • Dynamic dates
    • Cube processing date and time


The Text object has numerous options with regard to Layout types (pure text, pure image, a combo or nothing but a background color) and with regard to formatting of the individual elements.

In this example it is being used as a pure text object:


A very strong feature of the Text box object is the ability to work with dynamic content:


Dynamic content offers a wide range of useful options. In this example we would like a dynamic expression of the last 12 months. We do that by selecting Month and Year members from our Time dimension, and furthermore setting the Range property to First or Last.


Having selected, one at a time, Month (first), Year (first), Month (last) and Year (last), we will end up with something like this:


Eventually, if we apply the Previous 12 months dynamic criteria from our Time dimension, the Text object would dynamically display something like this:


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