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The "Dynamic content" options are available for all objects. For Text box objects (prior versions: Layout objects) and Menu items, in captions and subcaptions - for other objects, in Title, Labels and Mouse overs.

Generally, the options are:

    • Members - typically for displaying first / last / all members of the selected dimension according to the filtered data set.
    • Criteria - will show the actual criteria for the selected dimension regardless of the result of the filtered data set.
    • Dimension - a handy way of inserting the name of a dimension. Will dynamically change according to end-user language.
    • Measure - a handy way of inserting the name of a measure. Will dynamically change according to end-user language.
    • System variables - a number of informational, useful and auto generated text strings.

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  • Hello,

    How can I add a measure to a text box? In the Dynamic Content menu I only see Measure Name.

    For example Customer Name - Credit Limit USD. I have a report with a iteration per customer.



  • Hi Frank,

    You cannot add a measure value to a Text box - only the measure name, as you already discovered.

    Potential work arounds: Either you would try to combine a Text box with a KPI object as two overlapping/transparent objects. Or you would try to mix text together with measure values in a KPI object alone. Both has its limitations, though.

    More about advanced label/text editor (for the KPI approach) here: https://community.targit.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016155677-Advanced-Labels

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole 

    How do i add dynamic content based on a criteria on a user dimension? 

    I have a dashboard, where the user can filter on a user dimension and i want to show the user dimension in the title of my graph. 


  • Hi Peter,

    I am afraid you cannot do that with user dimensions.

    But it might be a worthy candidate for the feature requests list. Please head over here if you want as a new feature request. https://community.targit.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/7278561562141-Feature-requests-Ideas 

    BR / Ole


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