Label, Shape and Image objects

From TARGIT 2021

These are all objects that are made for simplicity.

Furthermore, as opposed to Text box objects, these simple objects do not request any data. So use the simple objects where possible to improve performance.

The simple objects are:

  • Label. A single line of text that can be formatted by font style, size and color.
  • Shape. Lines, Rectangles, Circles and Triangles - useful as separators, colored backgrounds, trigger indicators etc.
  • Image. Images can be added directly from a file or as an URL.
    When you add images as URLs you can have a web service that simply points to a folder with an image repository.
    In this image repository you can then replace an old image with a newer version - and all dashboards and reports with the URL link will likewise update.

Label object:


Shape object:


Image object (from file):


Image object (from URL):

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