Preparing CRONUS demo data for the TDWD course

We will set up the demo data that we are going to use in our training environment to simulate a live source system.

The demo data being used in the TARGIT Data Warehouse Developer courses is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV CRONUS Ext International Ltd. demo data. The structure of these demo data quite closely resembles the structure you would experience from a live Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation.

The Cronus Ext International Ltd. demo data is located as a backup file in the C:\TU\Data folder (on TARGIT University’s standard virtual machines). To restore this database, open the SQL Server Management Studio.


Log on to Database Engine with localhost as the server name.


Once logged on, right click the Databases folder to restore the database.


Pick Device as the source option and restore the database with default settings. The restore process may take a few minutes to complete.


After the restore, by opening the database and browsing to one of the central tables, the Sales Invoice Line table, we can see that, indeed, the database now contains numerous tables and this one in particular contains more than 37000 entries.


This restored CRONUS database should from now on, and for the rest of this course, be regarded as our company’s live source data system.

It does resemble a real life NAV database pretty well, except that a real life NAV database would probably see daily updates of data and a real life NAV database would most likely be hosted on a separate physical server.

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