Initial population of the Stage database

An easy way to make an initial population of the Stage database is to use the Import function of the SQL Server Management Studio. The Import function lets you select and copy full tables from the source system.


Choose the DD_W1_01 database as source for the import.


And Stage as the destination.

The next step offers options to either copy data or to write a query to select data.

While writing a query may be useful to select certain fields or to select filtered data, the other option, copy data, will quickly give you some data to start from.


Next step is to select the tables that we want to import during our initial data load.


Notice that you are able to rename the destination tables during one of the steps of the Import and Export Wizard. For instance, we have chosen to simplify the names so they will no longer contain the “CRONUS EXT International Ltd” leading text.

The tables we want to import at this point are:

  • CRONUS EXT International Ltd_$Country_Region
  • CRONUS EXT International Ltd_$Customer
  • CRONUS EXT International Ltd_$Item
  • CRONUS EXT International Ltd_$Sales Invoice Header
  • CRONUS EXT International Ltd_$Sales Invoice Line

Run the import:


And wait until it has completed:


The import has successfully completed, importing the five tables. Notice the row count of more than 37000 on the Sales Invoice Line table.

After the import, we may want to verify that the tables now exist in the Stage database, and that they actually contain data:


Right-click a table to view the first 1000 rows.

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