Important notes

  • Classic reports and use of these are NOT visible in TARGIT Insights at all. This also includes scheduled jobs referencing classic reports.
  • There are NO translations in TARGIT Insights. All dashboards and all data are in (W1) English. 
  • Documents EARLIER than version 2019 are NOT indexed with regard to triggers to other documents and uses of Source Data.
    • This means that you cannot see in Insights if an earlier document uses a given measure or triggers to a certain document. They just appear as not having any source data or triggers.
    • Uses of earlier documents (open / scheduled) are available
  • Usage behavior data is logged from the day of upgrading to TARGIT 2021 and with a "sliding window" of 180 days.
  • Dashboards and source data (cube) for TARGIT Insights may change in the future.
    • We will likely improve the dashboards and add more.
    • We will likely add more source data to the cube. But it may be necessary to change or remove existing elements. This may break the customers own uses of the cube.
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