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TARGIT Insights offers support for TARGIT Superuser/Administrator when implementing and developing a TARGIT Solution in the organization.

Main areas covered are:

  • User Behaviour
  • Documents and Data usage

  • Scheduled jobs statistics

With TARGIT Insights you get a logging solution including a set of Dashboards on top ready to use.

The logging is done in a cloud database and queries done in a TARGIT implementation will be logged in near-real time and immediately reflected in TARGIT Dashboards.

The dashboards included are organized in a central dashboard that offers insights into many different areas – and links to underlying dashboards that offers in depth analysis.


Front page

User Behaviour last 30 days

The central (start page) dashboard offers overview of User Behaviour last 30 days:

  1. How many users are active through time?

  2. How many of these have been active in previous 30 days?

  3. How many documents are used?

  4. Which percentage of all documents in the solutions have been used in previous 30 days?

  5. How many times are these documents opened?

  6. How many times does a user in average open a document?

All these KPIs give you an indication on your success of rolling out the TARGIT solution in general.

There are a lot of actions that can be taken based on findings in this section alone:

  1. Investigate why number of users is decreasing or stagnating

  2. Follow up on users not active

  3. Follow up on documents not used

See screenshot below for sample of User behaviour graphs and KPIs (area marked with red square):

Clean Up section

On the right hand side of the dashboard you have a lot of information that can be summarized as clean up information.

This includes KPIs on:

  1. Users not active last 30 days (lists only users that were active at some point, but not the last 30 days)

  2. Documents not used in last 30 days (lists only documents that were used at some point, but not the last 30 days)

  3. Old versions (documents not saved in the new version after upgrading TARGIT)

  4. Links broken

    1. Document triggers referring to documents that do not exist anymore (maybe renamed or deleted)

    2. Bookmarks referring to documents not existing anymore (same reasons as above)

    3. Scheduled jobs referring to not existing documents (same reasons)

    4. Roles referring to start documents that do not exist anymore (same reasons)

    5. Embedded links referring to documents to do not exist anymore (same reasons)

    6. Documents referring to menus that do not exist anymore (same reasons)

  5. Source data not found (documents that refer to source data that no longer exists)

  6. Source data not used (measures, dimensions, shared user dimensions, cubes that are not used in any documents)


Again there are a lot of actions that you can take based on this information:

  1. Investigating why users are no longer active and get them back on board

  2. Find out which documents are not used, investigate why and either delete or improve the documents

  3. Make sure all documents are saved in the current version you are running

  4. Fix the broken links and make sure that users are not frustrated by meeting dead-ends

  5. Clean up documents referring to non-existent source data and make sure that users are not frustrated by running into this

  6. Do a backend review and make sure that you only develop measures and dimensions that are actually used


See screenshot below for sample of Clean Up section with KPIs (area marked with red square)
Notice - all arrow symbols contain links to dedicated dashboards:

Left side navigation

On the left hand side you have a navigation panel that stays the same through all dashboards in the TARGIT Insight analysis.

This is a complete list of all the (sub) dashboards that can be reached from the front page.


See sceenshot below with red square marking navigation section:

Important notes

  • Classic reports and use of these are NOT visible in TARGIT Insights at all. This also includes scheduled jobs referencing classic reports.
  • There are NO translations in TARGIT Insights. All dashboards and all data are in (W1) English. 
  • Documents EARLIER than version 2019 are NOT indexed with regard to triggers to other documents and uses of Source Data.
    • This means that you cannot see in Insights if an earlier document uses a given measure or triggers to a certain document. They just appear as not having any source data or triggers.
    • Uses of earlier documents (open / scheduled) are available
  • Usage behavior data is logged from the day of upgrading to 2021 and with a "sliding window" of 6 months.
  • Dashboards and source data (cube) for TARGIT Insights may change in the future.
    • We will likely improve the dashboards and add more.
    • We will likely add more source data to the cube. But it may be necessary to change or remove existing elements. This may break the customers own uses of the cube.

Data indexing and uploading intervals

Different operations have different delays before data in Insights are up to date.


Data availability delay (max)


Save, move or delete document, menu, slideshow and bookmark

10 seconds


Save or delete scheduled job, embedded link and role 

60 seconds

Source data

Changes to cubes and also shared user dimensions

5 minutes

User behavior

Opening documents and running schedules jobs

20 seconds


Moving and deleting files directly in the VFS folder

1 hour 30 minutes


No matter the operations, all data are available max 5 minutes after restart of the TARGIT Server.

Upon activation of TARGIT Insights features, allow 30 minutes for all data to be available.



  • You must have a 2021 or later license.

  • You must have a signed "Data Processing Agreement" from the customer.

  • You must enable the feature in the license.


  • Activate TARGIT Insights in Management → Backend → Cloud functions

  • Wait 3 minutes and open the client.

  • Data can take as much as 30 minutes to be fully available on larger systems.

  • All usage data from the time of upgrade to 2021 (or max 6 months) are available for use in TARGIT Insights.


  • De-activate TARGIT Insights in Management → Backend → Cloud functions

  • All data has now been fully deleted from the cloud


  • If you re-activate TARGIT Insights on a system that has previously had it activated and then de-activated, there will only be usage data from the time of the last de-activation.

  • Previous usage data are still stored on the customer system, but must be manually uploaded to become available.

Technical requirements

  • Automatic license update must be enabled.
  • Ports 443 and 1433 must be open for outbound traffic on the server.
  • The server must be able to connect to the following hosts for Insights to work:
    • or (tcp)
  • The IP addresses that these domain names resolve to don't necessarily fall within any given address range since this is a dynamic cloud solution.
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