TARGIT Insights

TARGIT 2021, TARGIT 2022

TARGIT Insights is a new add-on product that comes with the TARGIT 2021 version. TARGIT Insights will provide valuable information about the use and current state of your TARGIT solution.

Once you enable TARGIT Insights, you will get this out-of-the-box:

  • A cloud-based logging database.
  • A comprehensive Data Model that connects automatically to your TARGIT Server.
  • More than 30 pre-defined dashboards with relevant statistics about your TARGIT solution.

Some of the dashboard highlights are:

  • User behavior - active an inactive.
  • Documents and Data usage.
  • Documents and Data not being used.
  • Scheduled jobs statistics.
  • Broken links overview.

The main dashboard of TARGIT Insights with links to all the other detail dashboards:


TARGIT Insights, once you have obtained the license for it, is easily activated as a cloud service:

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