Iteration for Report pages

With the Iteration option for Report pages, we have fulfilled a major feature request for TARGIT 2019 reports. Now you can iterate a report page across a selection of dimension members. The page will then repeat itself, once per dimension value, and furthermore add the dimension member as a filter to that page. For those familiar with classical (pre-2019) reports, this is very similar to what you could do with the so-called "Group header band".

The new Iteration option is, however, a lot more flexible. It is build around an "Iteration crosstab", and this new concept should be very easy to digest since the definition of the Iteration crosstab is identical to the definition of any other crosstab in the TARGIT client. The rows (dimension members) of the Iteration crosstab will then determine the number of iteration pages in the report.

Apart from being very easy to adapt to, the beauty of the Iteration crosstab is all the new possibilities it brings to your report design. With the Iteration crosstab, you can

  • Create or use hierarchies which will then automatically work as iterations within iterations.
  • Exclude (default) or include Totals and Subtotals. A Total (or Subtotal) row in the iteration crosstab will produce a corresponding iteration page.
  • Add measures and calculations to work with sorting or visibility agents upon those values. The sorted or limited dimension members will produce iteration pages accordingly.

Furthermore, if you have designed multiple pages into your report, you can choose that the Iteration should work for just a single page, for multiple pages or for all pages. You can even design multiple, different Iterations to work for different pages. The possibilities are so much more, than they have ever been.

Single page report Iteration:

Iteration with Totals:

Iteration with Subtotals and 'Single' Dynamic content:

Iteration with Hierarchy and with Visibility agent:

Iteration on multi-page report:

Different Iterations on different pages:

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