New Document: Canvas, Page Size, Designer mode

Design objects once in the TARGIT Document Model and reuse them across all the layouts in the same document, from desktop, phone, tablet, web, and report layout. When users open a document, TARGIT detects the device and automatically selects the best design layout for that device. It’s easy to make a change in any layout, which will be reflected automatically across all other layouts. You will also be able to save and re-use any design that you have created. 

Layouts, designs, colors, branding, and more can all be applied throughout new documents quickly and easily. Perhaps the biggest time saver of all is the template support allowing the user to save any document as a template for later reuse in another context. This decreases the number of documents you will have to maintain in the solution. It will save a significant amount of time otherwise spent designing and making changes.  

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