Search operators OR/NOT/AND in the Anywhere client

When you have a drop-down in the Anywhere client you have access to quite a few search operators that can be really useful.

  • If you type in more than one search phrase if will be treated as an OR search.
  • If you add a & sign between the words, they will be treated as an AND search.
  • If you add a ! sign in front of a word it will be treated as a NOT search.

Here are a few practical examples to these 3 types of search:

Searching for womens jacket gives you a long list of products that contain womens or jacket (or both).

It's called an OR search - if just one of the search terms are found - it will be on the list:



Searching for womens & jacket is entirely different. Both search terms needs to be present to appear on the list - so the list is much shorter. It's an AND search.


The ! sign means NOT - so searching for !jacket gives you all the search results NOT containing Jacket:


Using NOT can be a little tricky - especially when you combine it with OR:

!jacket womens will return this list - which contains P13 - Womens Jacket

That's because it's an OR. To be on the list it needs to be either !Jacket or Womens. Womens Jacket meets one of the conditions - and therefore Womens Jacket is included.

This is why you should (almost) never use NOT combined with OR.


Finally the combination of NOT and AND - which is easier to understand and sometimes useful.

!jacket & Womens means it can't be a Jacket and it also has to contain Womens.

Womens Jacket disappears from the list - since it only meets on of the requirements.



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