Robust solution for highlighting menu button

If you created a menu in TARGIT that should help end-users to navigate among several separate dashboards/documents, most people expect such a menu to work as they are used to from web pages.

One of the standard functionalities from web pages is the ability to highlight the selected menu, as in this example from a Microsoft web page:



TARGIT is planning on adding menu button highlighting as a standard feature, but until that happens (hasn't happened with the 2022 Winter release), you will have to find a creative solution yourself.

This tip will show you how you can work with two layered menu object to achieve this. The top layered menu will provide the document navigation, while the bottom layered menu will provide the button highlighting.


Top layered menu

The top layered menu is created from a number of similar menu items (buttons), and each menu item should have these characteristics:

  • A trigger to open the required document.
  • A text - usually the name of the document being triggered.
  • Transparent background.
  • Important: A fixed height (for vertical menus) or a fixed width (for horizontal menus)




The top layered menu should be saved as a linked menu, as it is to be reused in multiple documents, and if expansion of the menu list is needed, the expansion will automatically show in all documents where the linked menu is used.


Bottom layered menu

The bottom layered menu should contain:

  • Many blank menu items
  • A single colored menu items
  • No triggers or anything else on the menu items
  • Important: These menu items must have the same height/width as the menu items in the top layered menu



Notice that in this example, the third menu item will be highlighted. To highlight another button, just move the 'Menu Background' to a different position.


Combining the two menus

When you align these two menus on top of each other in a dashboard, you will get the impression that one of the menu buttons is highlighted:


While the top layered menu should be reused as a linked menu, the bottom layered menu should only be copied from one dashboard to another. In the new document, we will then just need to move the 'Menu Background' to its correct position which can easily be done by drag and drop in the Menu Items list.


For a video guide, please see this article:

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