Online Demo Data

TARGIT' demo data has moved away from Demo Data installed on the local server to Demo Data installed in the cloud.

If TARGIT decides to update the cloud based Demo database or documents, these changes will automatically reflect, with a slight delay, in the customers TARGIT installation.

Enable/Disable Demo Data

TARGIT Demo Data can be enabled during installation, or subsequently as a setting in the TARGIT Management client.

When enabling TARGIT Demo Data, a connection is made to the cloud based InMemory Demo database. Furthermore, documents (dashboards, reports etc.) will be downloaded and added to a Demo Data folder that is directly accessible from the Start/Open menu.

The online Demo Data can be enabled or disabled as a Cloud function in Setup in the TARGIT Management client:


DemoData folder

When opening Demo Data documents - dashboards, reports, slideshows etc. - these documents are located in a unique DemoData folder:


The folder is a read-only folder: You may open and modify any of these documents, but changes must be saved in the Shared folder, to your Personal folder or to a file location.

If TARGIT decides to add new documents to the cloud based repository - or even to modify any of the cloud based documents - these additions or modifications will automatically reflect in your DemoData folder.



  • Requires internet access from the TARGIT server
  • The online demo data will always be made compliant with the latest release of the TARGIT Decision Suite - i.e., when a new version of TARGIT is released, there is no guarantee that online demo data will still work on older versions.
  • Due to technology shift (.NET 6), the "old" Demo Data local cube files are no longer supported by Microsoft.
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