Connect to Azure Analysis Service Cube

When connecting to an Azure Analysis Services Cube the best way to make a stable connection between TARGIT and the data source is through App Registrations - where the Application ID will serve as user name in the TARGIT Connection, and the Client Secret will be the password in the same connection.

Here's a detailed how-to:

Create an App Registration

In order to access the Analysis Services resource from TARGIT, you will need to configure an App Registration in the Azure Active Directory. 

  1. In the Azure Portal menu, click on Azure Active Directory, then click on App Registrations in the menu bar on the left. Then click New Registration.       
  2. Enter a name and select Accounts in this organizational directory only. The value of Redirect URI is the URL at which your application is hosted. Click Register when you are done.
  3. For the newly added App Registration, select Certificates & secrets to create a New Client Secret. This key is encrypted after save, so it needs to be documented somewhere safe. The secret will appear after you click Add.
  4. Please note the following properties of the App Registration which will be needed later:
    1. Application ID
    2. Client Secret (Application Key)


Assign the App Registration as Analysis Services Admin

This step must be completed using SQL Server Management Studio.

  1. In SSMS, connect to your Azure AS server.
  2. In Server Properties > Security, click Add.
  3. Type the name of your app registration in the the search box and click search.
  4. Click the app registration as it appears in the list, click Add.Search for service principal account
  5. Note: If your App registration is not visible in search result, you may enter it manually using the following format:   app:<app-ID>@<tenant-ID>
  6. Verify the service principal account ID, and then click OK.

         Screenshot that shows the service principal account ID and highlights the OK button.



Make the connection in TARGIT Management

1. Navigate to the Connections tab in TARGIT Management:



2. Add a new connection of the type Multi-Dimensional



3. Pick Azure Analysis Services from the list



4. Fill in the name you prefer in the Connection Name and click Next:



5. Fill in the details:

Server: Azure Servername

Username: app:Application ID (which you noted earlier in the process)

Password: Application Secret (also noted from earlier)

Database: Pick the right database from drop-down (if drop-down doesn't work, something probably went wrong in an earlier step).



Now you can go to the TARGIT Windows Client and work with the data!





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