Call-to-action colors 1 (notice the context and important info)

You should assign one color to draw attention to things that should be noticed in the dashboard - a call-to-action color - which draws attention to what you might find most important - it could be:

  • The title of the current dashboard
  • The filter context
  • When data was last updated
  • Navigation options

Here's an example of that use of a call-to-action color:


The red color shows you which main area you currently navigated to:
Job, udsatte og socialpsykiatri

Also the name of the current document is marked in red:

In the lower right corner the last update of data is marked up - and in the upper right corner a couple of selected short-cuts are marked up.

Since the basic color schema is so discrete, these call-to-action spots really draws attention, which is what we want to achieve.


Drill color

Concerning filtering - the drill color could also represent a sort of call-to-action color, since it provides you with the context.

In the dashboard below - the purple color is the drill color, which leaves no doubt about what you've drilled into (UK, France and Spain + the 2 largest customers in this context)


You should consider using the same color as your drill color and call to action color.


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