Font choice and implementation

Concerning fonts, the easy choice is something like Arial or another font that everyone knows and feels comfortable using.

However, as mentioned in other articles, you should most of all relate to your organizations design guide and/or what is used on your website/intranet.

So - let's suppose that you are using a font that can't be expected to be installed on your TARGIT Server (or your endusers laptops or other devices).Then you will need to install the font on the TARGIT server and make in into a cross-platform font.

The practical steps needed is described in this article.


Once you've installed the font, you need to add it to your crosstab themes and other templates that you are using.

You could potentially choose a different font for reports that are expected to be printed - but if you can avoid it, it's better to stick with one font (or follow the recommendations in your design guide, which might involve more fonts.

Even with a font installed, you should make even  more detailed choices to make your TARGIT portal completely consistent:

  • Decision on font sizes for
    • Headers
    • Labels
    • Mouse-over
    • "Normal" text
    • Navigation text
    • KPI values
    • KPI labels
    • KPI headers

  • Decision on use of
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Font colors

It may seem to be a very detailed level, but it will help end users if you are completely consistent in your use of font including sizes and colors.


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