Call-to-action colors 2 (data is calling to action)

A very important part of your TARGIT Portal and the dashboards you develop, is how you communicate that something if off and needs to be looked into.

In TARGIT you can set up quite complex conditions in color- and gauge-agents that will mark up the numbers that require special attention.

This type of call-to-action color(s) needs to be something that color(s) that draws attention from the users of the dashboard.

You could go with RAG (read-amber-green) like shown below in a table:




Just the data that needs action

However - there's a lot of information in this - some of it maybe more in the category nice-to-know than need-to-know.

You should decide if there is any action associated with the green and yellow entries, which are either doing great, or more or less status quo.

From a communication perspective, this might be a better idea:


Only the critical are marked - the rest is considered nice-to-know.


Note: The above use of an icon to support the color has the advantage of supporting the correct reading for color blind people


Call-to-Action Colors in charts - draw attention with color
(explain by dynamic text and mouse-over)

This KPI uses an orange color to draw attention to the fact that somethings not right:



In the KPI there's a dynamic label that explains further what is the problem.
See this article if you don't know how to make such a dynamic label.


And finally, if you hover the KPI, you get the full picture in the mouse-over:


This type of detailed mouse-over is great in combination with alarm colors - next natural step would be to click the KPI and go to a detailed analysis on products and customers to understand the decline in no of sales - basically use the TARGIT Portal for guided analytics.


Call-to-Action Colors in charts - stating the obvious or...?

Another thing to consider, is whether the use of colors should just underline what is already there, or add more information to your dashboard.

See this example of using alarm colors:



It's already quite visible that Alvaro and Fina are below previous years result - but what if we compressed the information a bit - and supported it with mouse-over and conditional labels (see this article on how to make conditional labels):



Whether you go with only one "alarm color" or add more nuances to this, it should be completely consistently used and very easy to understand for the daily users of the dashboards.

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