December 3rd: Getting ready for sharing your report

In the TARGIT Community, some customers are lucky enough to know other customers who use the same source systems and have the same cubes with the same structure.

Then you can share reports and analysis and learn from each other.

There are a few prerequisites:

  1. It has to be the same cube with the same dimensions and measures
  2. If you use the same connection names in TARGIT Management, it will be easy - if not, you could make an extra connection to your cube with the name that is used by the person who sent you the analysis
    (connection names can be seen in source data - in this case, "TARGIT Online Demodata")
  3. Any shared resources have to be "internalized" - this could be:
    Shared user dimensions
    Crosstab themes 
  4. If you want the colors to be the same - you will have to "internalize" these as well

In the video below, you can see how you can prepare your analysis/report for sharing.


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