December 24th: Setting up your TARGIT Archive dynamically updated and available in your TARGIT Portal

In the 2022 version of TARGIT we added a functionality to our extensive scheduling engine.

You can setup scheduled export to a folder within the TARGIT folder system, which makes the content  subject to TARGITs role-based security model and offers the TARGIT users to fetch the content from their TARGIT client directly.

This scheduling feature also allowed TARGIT users to see the different types of output that might come from the scheduling engine, like:

  • PDFs
  • PNGs
  • Excel files
  • CSV files

If you are using the TARGIT Designer client, you just need to tick the "Other" type to be able to locate these types of files from within the TARGIT client.

Notice here on the Start page - from within the designer client - here we are browsing the Shared folder:


And on the right hand side, you can decide which types of content you want to see (and here you need to tick other like shown below):



Now the designer can see these types of content in the folders, but how do they get there?


Let's look at a folder called "Materials" in our TARGIT folder system, located right under the Shared Folder.

This folder will of course have this path: C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\VFS\Global\Materials


  • Either you can just place files there by accessing the TARGIT server and placing them in folders inside the Shared (Global) folder.

    The path will for most customers be this: C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\VFS\Global

    The global folder is your shared folder in TARGIT - so inside your normal windows explorer, you can navigate through these folders and place PDFs, Excel files, CSV files or PNGs, and the TARGIT users will be able to see them.

  • Or you can use the scheduler to place the content in the folder.

    When you set up your scheduled job, on the delivery tab you pick folder and hit the export (marked in red)

    Now you have access to your TARGIT Folder system - and you can navigate to the Materials folder (where a couple of PDF's have been manually placed already)

Whether you place them manually or they are put there using the scheduler, you might think, what is the best way of allowing the users access to these files in the folder?

You could add triggers to each file (there is a trigger type called open pre-rendered report:


But as you might notice in the screenshot above, some of these are dynamically named (which the scheduler supports) - so wouldn't it be easier to just give the users access to the folder?

Our TARGIT Portal in general is not based on just giving the users access to folders. We normally want to give them an environment where they use menu buttons to navigate in the analysis we have made for them - so how to give them access to this one folder without jeopardizing our principles?

Let's add an analysis called Archive and add a webbox to it.

The URL for the webbox is the address of the materials folder:

The webbox looks like this in the analysis:


This is a TARGIT window inside TARGIT - and that's fine - but let's hide the top of the webbox by simply moving it out of the canvas.

So now the webbox might look like this inside TARGIT (the top of it is hidden because it's outside the canvas):


The users who access this through a browser can download all the content in the webbox by just clicking it.

So - we've made an archive inside TARGIT that can be access on folder level.









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