December 21st: Plugin management in Data Discovery

A lot of customers are just using a few plugins in the Data Discovery environment. 

Maybe a short list of data source types could something like:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • SQL Server
  • TARGIT Analysis
  • ?

Maybe your list is different, but anyway you probably don't use all the different plugins for each type of data source.

So - as a Data Discovery admin - you might want to hide all the redundant plugins.

To do this, go to settings hitting the gear wheel icon (it's on the Data Source tab - placed a little differently on the screen depending on your version of TARGIT Data Discovery)



Now pick the Plugin Management tab and untick all the plugins you are currently not using (you can always tick them back again if needed).



Next time you add a new data source - the list of options will be shortened according to your settings.

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