December 23rd: Setting a trigger to an overview of a folder (without allowing the users to navigate other folders)

When you build your TARGIT portal, you typically decide "the world" of the endusers.

Everything they can access is based on the menu options that you - as a report designer - has setup for them.

But what if you wanted to let them browse a folder where you place content from time to time (as a supplement to your strict portal approach).

You can actually do this by adding a trigger of the type URL and ending the URL at the folder name.

Here's a link that can be used:

It points to TARGITs demo portal, and the link ends with a folder name (Tips and Tricks).

If you set up a trigger with this url like this...

mceclip0.png will result in TARGIT opening up a new tab in the browser (a little depending on your browser settings) - like this:



And don't worry, by the way. You are still restricted by the folder security in your roles setup, even if you allow the users this access.

In tomorrow's tip for the 24th - we will look at a creative way of using this access in your TARGIT portal.


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